Workshops for Schools

Why the Parent’s Toolkit?

School’s are on the frontline in tackling mental health issues with their pupils. The need to prevent the mental health crisis has never been more necessary.

The Parent’s Toolkit gives schools a proactive approach to mental health.

By working with parents and carers, schools can have a significant impact towards creating mental well being & resilience amongst young people. This allows schools to have a proactive approach to mental health.

Supporting Parents

By introducing working in partnership to the  parents and carers the Parent’s Toolkit can have a significant impact on the mental well being and resilience of children & young people. Parents want the best for their children, but are often unable to do so due to lack of knowledge and lack of support. The Parent’s Toolkit is aimed at empowering to parents to have a more proactive role in helping their children.

How Does it Work

We offer a variety of options to schools which combines various holistic methods including Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Heart Coherence and various Energy Psychology methods. Alongside giving tools to use with their children we also help parents learn how to communicate effectively and proactively with their children and the school.

Our innovative 6 week program focuses on a different topic each week, giving parents a good knowledge of the different tools and the opportunity to discuss issues specific to their own children. We offer individual coaching time, where their children are invited along.


We have various workshops, which focus on specific subjects; from nursery to school, primary to secondary, transition for primary to secondary school, exam stress and transition into the the world or higher education.

Coaching Program

Our coaching program is designed to give parents & children individual coaching session, working privately with one of our coaches to where we can focus on specific issues and help the parent and child find a way forward.

Pricing & Options

We are always open to working with schools to develop a program or workshops that work for your school’s needs.

6 Week Parent's Toolkit

Full 6 Week Parent’t Toolkit Course. Follow link for full course details: Parent’s Toolkit Course

Duration: 6 weeks, 2 Hours Per Week

Additional 2 Hours coaching per family.

No. of Participants 10 – 15

Transition Workshop

Focusing on the P7 to Secondary Transition.

Duration: 2 x 2.5 Hours sessions over 2 weeks.

No. of Participants 10 – 20

Positive Destination Workshop

Focusing on the transition from school into work or higher education.

Duration: 2 x 2.5 Hours sessions over 2 weeks.

No. of Participants: 10 – 20

Nursery to School Workshop

Working with Parents who’s children and moving from Nursery to School.

Duration: 2 x 2.5 Hours sessions over 2 weeks.

No. of Participants 10 – 20

Exam Pressure

For Parents with children dealing with exams. We focus on how parents can support their children and focus on having a proactive approach to exam stress and pressure.

Duration: 2 x 2.5 Hours sessions over 2 weeks.

No. of Participants 10 – 20

Staff Toolkit Workshop

The staff toolkit is designed share with, teachers and staff the same methods learned on our parents course, for personal use and for use with pupils.

Duration: 4 Hours, can be 1 workshop or broken down over 2 weeks

No. of Participants: 10 to 15

Family Coaching Program

Family coaching sessions. 1 on 1 Coaching sessions with parents and their children. Giving more support for individual problems. Children can attend these sessions.

Duration: 6 weeks, 1 hour sessions per week, per family

No. of Participants: 10 families

Free 2 Hour Consultation

We can work with your school to develop courses or workshops to suit your individual needs. We are also more than happy to come and discuss with you our current courses.

Duration: 2 hours