Parents Toolkit Workshop

Our workshops are designed to give you the parent some useful tools and methods that will help you, support your children with anxiety and stress and to help them build confidence and a mental resilience for life.

As parents we worry constantly about our kids, we want them to enjoy school and have a wonderful life. It can be hard as parent to know when to step in and help or when to step back and allow your child the freedom to grow.

You want to see your kids happy and healthy, but when anxiety, learning difficulties, social anxieties, stress, sleep issues, lack of confidence arise, it can be really hard to know how to help, who to turn to and what you should do.

Sonia Grant and Kerry Arslan have put their knowledge together to create the Parent’s Toolkit, using methods, tools, knowledge and experience they have gained over the years as, Parents, Development Coaches and Teacher. To create a workshop series that is aimed at helping parents, give their children a secure foundation and to help parents get through the roller coaster that is parenting.

Parents Toolkit Programme

Our normal course runs over 6 weeks. One 2 hour session per week and covers:

Week 1: Introduction

Introduction to the course, themes and learning methods. Research and evidence on building resilience, developing confidence and reducing stress and anxiety

Week 2: Growth Mindset

What growth mindset is, the impacts and benefits, how to use it at home and teach your children.

Week 3: Heart Coherence Techniques

Using positive emotions and rhythmical breathing to regulate any stress or anxiety. Research and evidence of what it is, how/when to apply it, how to use it at home and teach your children.

Week 4: Energy Psychology

Techniques which are research and evidence bases, you will learn how/when to apply it, and experience the impact to your well being. How to use it at home and teach your children.

Week 5: Self Care For Parents and other techniques

Other techniques, including Coaching tools and how to encompass the methods and use them. How to practice self care as a parent and how to remain calm when children get upset.

Week 6: How to speak with your teachers and school and conclusion of course

How to speak with your teachers and school. Where to get further help and support.  Recap of the methods, how people have been using these at home and the conclusion of the workshop.

We provide 2 hours coaching to each parent. You may bring 1 child along to these sessions.

A private facebook group will be setup for each group, to allow parents to chat about the methods and ask us questions throughout the weeks. This group will remain open as long as parents have need for the group for support.

We will provide on-going email support throughout the duration of the course. Email support will be available for 1 month after the course.


This programme may be changed or altered at our discretion.